We at buybitcoin.org.in are a team of young professionals aiming for growing together in faith. Our motto “Don’t trust words, trust actions” resonates with our beliefs and endeavours. We believe the moment you choose to invest with us together we recreate and redefine the ‘buyer-seller’ relationship.
You choose us to trade with. We choose you to grow with.

In addition to our expressed promises, we commit to the safety of your trade and trust. With the stated pledge of security and to prove we are more than ‘just another’ name in today’s fast growing trading world, our following features makes us distinct and a bankable name making us standing out from others:

Registered, Legal and Visible: We are Private Limited firm registered in Delhi meaning our organisation has unlimited growth opportunity. Furthermore, we do not believe in hiding. The profile of our founder is visible. We are partnered with OVakil.com, a reputed legal firm in India. To put simply, we have a registered, legal and humane face you can interact and rely upon.
All transactions Online: Each transaction made to or by buybitcoin.org.in is online. So, every transaction is recorded, stored and approved by the banking structure of India. And hence secured.
Brand new Brand: We are one of the newest firms in Indian trading world. Is that a shortcoming? No, it is not. Every leading organisation was a beginner once. Besides, we like to have a positive outlook. So in other words we have huge potential and growth opportunities. We offer a collection of over 25 cryptocurrencies to trade in. We also have open book services for our customers helping them to make best possible marketing decision. We offer unique and better service than any other firm in the segment.
Huge Volume of Trading: Since our inception, we have become one of the leading trading firms in India and we have just begun. It gives us immense pleasure to invite you along on the journey to grow exponentially with us. A large part of our existing customers have witnessed a considerable increase in the value of their holdings.
Instant Deposit and Withdrawal: We do not like to wait and we believe you also do not like to wait. We offer instant deposit and withdrawal service. So, you want to deposit an amount it is just clicks away. As soon as you add the money, it will be updated in your wallet instantly. Similarly, there is no waiting period for withdrawal.
24*7 Trading and Support: We offer 24*7 trading window meaning you can trade whenever you want. You want to trade tomorrow, register (complete the KYC) with us and do it tomorrow. You want it today, do it today. You want it now, do it now. Most importantly, we offer 24*7 support. You get stuck anywhere, call us. You have any other query, throw it at us, we will solve it throw back. Make a call back request and we will call you back.
Coin Withdrawal: In the end, by crushing our trading heart, if you believe, that we do not share same long-term goal, we offer you the option to withdraw your coins in your wallet.

The bottom line is YOUR SAFETY is OUR PRIORITY. Trust us because we trust you like our family.