We try to maintain the utmost security of the coins, by maintaining both hot and cold storages. The not-so-frequent-used quantity of coins is kept in cold storage to avoid any unwanted access.
Moreover, the keys are first ciphered and then split into chunks and those chunks are kept at multiple places which booms the security to a different level altogether.
So if the coins are kept at BuyBitcoin’s wallet, you can consider it secure enough.
Also, we at BuyBitcoin provide the withdrawal options for all the 30+ cryptos that are listed on the platform, so that in case you want to keep the coins in some offline wallet, you can do that.
We take pride in saying that our support team is best in the market, we measure response time on the user’s queries, and the average is way lesser than an hour. Reach us anytime and you will get your problem resolved with in an hour.