What is Substatum

Substratum - Substratum Node lets anyone become a web host on the decentralized internet. Unlike many technologies based on blockchain, SubstratumNode focuses on an intuitive user experience. Anyone can earn Substrate (SUB) by turning their computer into a host.


With Substratum, members will be able to vote content up or down. This will allow people to identify bad players like child pornography or terrorism and get them removed from the network.

How Substratum works

The Substratum Network is a worldwide collection of nodes that securely delivers content without the need of a VPN or Tor.
Substratum builds the decentralized web by leveraging the power of the individual. Anyone can publish, anyone can participate, and everyone is welcome to browse.
Substratum host: Anyone can host websites or applications using Substratum Host, paying network users to serve content.
Substratum node: Nodes forward content from hosts to web users. Everyone who runs a node gets paid in our cryptocurrency to forward content.
End web user: Anyone viewing Substratum-hosted content can see it in their regular web browser with no censorship blocks.

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