Bitcoin, despite being called a “bubble”, “fad” and even “scam” throughout its journey since 2009, finished 2017 with the highest possible surge in a year. Call Bitcoin whatever you want but it is a fact that it has registered an astronomical 13 fold rise in just 12 months. The magnificent run of Bitcoin helped millions in skyrocketing their capital gains by multi-folds. However, a very large number of people missed out on the opportunity to invest and earn profit mostly due to rumours, doubts and confusion surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. And, at this very moment, when millions are celebrating and enjoying the return of their investment in Bitcoin, there are about a billion who are ruing the missed opportunity.

The good news is everything is not over. It is a widely accepted opinion that crypto-revolution has just begun and this will only grow bigger in coming 3-5 years. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency. There are about more than 1000 cryptocurrencies. But the real question is which one to invest in 2018 to get best possible return? Choosing the winner is not easy.

In order to check whether a cryptocurrency has the potential to run, jump and fly high, you must check the 4 aspect of any cryptocurrency, which are as follows:

The Core Team behind the Cryptocurrency: Before investing in any cryptocurrency you must know the story of its origin. Who has created this particular cryptocurrency? Has this team already created a crypto before? What was the result of that cryptocurrency? Are they independent? And quite simply and most importantly, are they real? Go to a number of exchanges and crypto platforms and see if they are listed across or not?

Why this cryptocurrency? – Ask yourself and research, why is this cryptocurrency different from others? Does it even have the potential? What does it market itself upon? Be very cautious some cryptocurrencies are, well, useless.

Where the currency stands at this moment? – Track the history of the cryptocurrency in the market. Follow how far they have come and how did they reach here? Are they planning something for the future, like Bitcoin fork or any other feature?

Assessing the value: Lastly, assess the value of the coin. Since crypto-market is highly volatile, you must look at current and recent price (price in last month or year). Why did they experience sudden rise and fall? Try not to run behind cryptocurrency which has extremely high price, because chances are it has already had its run. Instead invest in a number of lesser expensive cryptocurrencies.

Created by Charlie Lee, who is a former Google employee, in 2011. It is widely regarded as an alternative to Bitcoin. Litecoin will produce 84 million coins in total against 21 million of Bitcoin. At present 54 million (roughly estimated figure) Litecoins are in market.
Advantages: Less expensive and faster transactions, faster in adopting new technology, in process of adding confidential transaction. If everything goes according to Lee’s plan, then Litecoin has the real potential to retrace the steps of Bitcoin.

Widely dubbed as “Ethereum (another cryptocurrency) of China”. Neo has the biggest potential and if China (the country of its origin) softens its opinion on cryptocurrencies than sky is the limit for Neo. It was founded by Da Hingfei, CEO of Onchain. Neo has a rich history, it has been around since 2014 (Antshares) and will release 100 million coins out of which 65 million are currently in market. It is widely seen as one of the safest investment of 2018.
Advantages: Ease of trading physical asset, low cost transaction, secure and trusted platform.

A no-brainer investment. Ethereum is the most popular and established cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin. Ethereum is gaining foothold in the market because of its technology which has far more applications than any other in market including Bitcoin. It grew over 13000% in 2017.
Advantages: can run smart contracts and platform with business applications

Cardano is one of the newest cryptocurrencies. It was started in October 2017 when Bitcoin was racing to touch the sky. Cardano is seen as the contender to Ethereum. Cardano operated with through its coins known as Ada. Within a month after its launch in October, it broke into top 10 cryptos in terms of market value in November. The best part about it is that it is still in development phase and will only expand its stronghold.