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How is the trading experience in BuyBitcoin app?

BuyBitcoin is the first Indian exchange to provide 30+ cryptocurrencies and all the listed coins are amongst the top 100 coins in coinsmarketcap. For INR withdrawals, you simply go to the withdrawal screen and create a request, and it get processed in the same day generally within an hour.

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buybitcoin /how-secure-is-buybitcoin-app

How secure is BuyBitcoin app?

We try to maintain the utmost security of the coins, by maintaining both hot and cold storages. The not-so-frequent-used quantity of coins is kept in cold storage to avoid any unwanted access.Moreover, the keys are first ciphered and then split into chunks and those chunks are kept at multiple places which booms the security to a different level altogether.

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buybitcoin /why-buybitcoin-doesnot-allow-any-coin-deposits

Why BuyBitcoin doesn't allow any coin deposits

Recently, there has been a lot of cases where the IT department has raided the cryptocurrency exchange and halted the normal exchange process because of AML policies and other legal concerns.The Government’s major concern is money laundering and moving currency from other country to India without paying taxes, hence we are avoiding all those possible cases by not accepting coins from other exchanges until our legal team gives a heads up on that.

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buybitcoin /why-trust-us

Why trust us

We at Buybitcoin.org.in are a team of young professionals aiming for growing together in faith. Our motto “Don’t trust words, trust actions” resonates with our beliefs and endeavours. We believe the moment you choose to invest with us together we recreate and redefine the ‘buyer-seller’ relationship.

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buybitcoin /5-bitcoin-movies-to-watch

5 bitcoin movies to watch

Bitcoin, the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, has been around since 2009. But even after about 8 years, there are plenty who are still naïve about the whole concept of the cryptocurrency; a number of people around the world are still confused about the development and how the whole concept does actually works. If you are one of them, do not worry. There is nothing better than a good documentary to answer all your doubts, solve all your questions and add more to your fascination to this crypto-revolution.

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buybitcoin /budget-and-cryptocurrency

Budget and Cryptocurrency: A Brighter Future

Despite the frequent attempts made by the Indian Government to limit and caution the customers against cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has successfully penetrated the financial market of India. The cryptocurrencies have registered an upward graph in Indian market and has gained a dedicated share of investors. On February 1, 2018, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, during his budget presentation, announced- “The government does not consider cryptocurrencies as legal tender or coin, and will take all measures to eliminate the use of these crypto assets in financing illegitimate activities.” The noticeable point is the fact that the Finance Minister never declared the cryptocurrencies illegal. He didn’t even use the word illegal.

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buybitcoin /what-is-bitcoin-fork

What is bitcoin fork?

In this crypto-revolutionary world the term ‘forking’ has become a common word especially after the first ‘hard fork’ which occurred on 1 August 2017. Until today only two major forking has taken place- Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold while a proposed third one, SegWit 2x was cancelled because of lack of consensus (after the developers refused to implement replay protection which would have resulted in accidental loss of funds). Since then “Forkcoins” or in simple terms alternative coins which ‘split off’ from Bitcoin are raging hot. So, what is ‘Bitcoin Forking’? More importantly, how does it impacts the current system?

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buybitcoin /challenges-before-bitcoin

Challenges before Bitcoin

Bitcoin, undoubtedly, is the most influential cryptocurrency of all time. It is also one of the most welcomed digital asset among hard-core traders and new users. Bitcoin’s value rose astronomically last year much to the happiness of crypto-enthusiast and investors. 2017 proved to be the golden year in the history of Bitcoin. However, despite covering spectacular distance in 2017, there remains a number of challenges before Bitcoin which it will need to overcome in order to make a similar run in 2018.

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buybitcoin /buy-ico-in-india

Buy ICOs in India, how to decide which ICO to invest in?

An Initial Coin Offering, popularly known as ICO, is a fundraising mechanism according to which new projects sell a small percentage of their new cryptocurrency to early backers (or in simple words, investors who believe in the project) in exchange of legal tender or existing cryptocurrency (majorly Bitcoin and Ethereum). It is very similar and named after Initial Public Offering (IPO) where investor buy shares of a company

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buybitcoin /buy-altcoins-in-india

Buy altcoins in India

Bitcoin, despite being called a “bubble”, “fad” and even “scam” throughout its journey since 2009, finished 2017 with the highest possible surge in a year. Call Bitcoin whatever you want but it is a fact that it has registered an astronomical 13 fold rise in just 12 months. The magnificent run of Bitcoin helped millions in skyrocketing their capital gains by multi-folds. However, a very large number of people missed out on the opportunity to invest and earn profit mostly due to rumours, doubts and confusion surrounding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. And, at this very moment, when millions are celebrating and enjoying the return of their investment in Bitcoin, there are about a billion who are ruing the missed opportunity.

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buybitcoin /bitcoin_-things-to-know

Bitcoin: Things you should know

First and foremost- Bitcoin is a digital or virtual cryptocurrency which can be exchanged between people. If you think such virtual currencies are new then you may need to think again. The concept of cryptocurrencies is not very new; they date back to 1980s and presently there are hundreds. Yes you read that correctly. There are hundreds other than Bitcoin.

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buybitcoin /bitcoin-a-new-age

Bitcoin: A new age

Bitcoin, owing to astronomical rise in its value, has become the buzz of the town. But you would still be forgiven for not knowing what a Bitcoin is- after all there remains a large market to be tapped.As discussed in the earlier blog, there are about hundreds of cryptocurrencies around the world. But somehow Bitcoin seems has achieved what no other cryptocurrency ever managed to do. One of the prime reasons behind this is the fact that Bitcoin started it all. Bitcoin became the world’s first decentralised.

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buybitcoin /what-determines-value-of-cryptocurrency

What determines value of a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are being discussed everywhere. From homes to offices, from jogging to gyms and from restaurants to even restrooms. After the ‘Bitcoin Boom’ of 2017, most people have a fair idea of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency actually are and how does it all work. Millions of people around the world are planning to invest in cryptocurrency. And that is where the whole confusion starts. Which cryptocurrency to invest? Does this cryptocurrency has any long term value? And lastly, should I proceed with investment or not? Deep down, you will find all these questions are related to the value of cryptocurrencies. So, what determines the value of a cryptocurrency?

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buybitcoin /why-bitcoin-dropped-yesterday

Why Crypto-Market fell abruptly yesterday?

Crypto-market around the world registered abrupt dip on Wednesday. Bitcoin too registered about 7% fall along with all other major cryptocurrencies. So what actually happened?It all started on Wednesday morning when rumours began circulating on Reddit that the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world (in terms of volume), Binance has been hacked.

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buybitcoin /bitcoin-dip

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies take another dip: Here’s why?

The dramatic fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continued around the world on Thursday. After rumours of Hong Kong based exchange Binance being hacked triggered the earlier plunge on Wednesday, cryptocurrencies were expected to register a growth on Thursday. But the hopes took a hit when US Security and Exchange Commission announced that online platforms trading digital assets which are considered as securities will need to register with the agency.

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buybitcoin /bitcoin-fall-cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin lead the fall of cryptocurrencies amid global scrutiny

Crypto-investors around the world witnessed yet another drop in the prices of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin once again leading the drop. Bitcoin fell below $ 8000 for a brief period on Wednesday as more bad news rattled on global crypto-market. The crypto-market began to fell after Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF), in her blog-post, called for a global crackdown on cryptocurrencies.

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buybitcoin /bitcoin-mining-india

What is Bitcoin Mining?

If 2017 was about anything, it was about Bitcoins. Nearly every single soul which heard about Bitcoin asked itself a huge number of questions: Shall I invest? Is it safe? Will it be profitable? What if it turns out to be a bubble? And so on. What most people did not ask was the fundamental question. The question which potentially provide answers to all other questions related to Bitcoin. The one big question: Where do the Bitcoins come from?

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buybitcoin /centralized-cryptocurrency-exchange

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange: Explained

Centralised Cryptocurrency Exchanges are online platforms and are the most common method to buy or trade cryptocurrencies. In simple words, this includes buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with fiat (legal ender backed by government degree like rupee, dollar etc.) and also buying and selling cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies. They can also be seen as an online marketplace for the entire cryptocurrency system.

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