Who We Are

Our journey with cryptocurrency started when we first came across blockchain and realized what a revolutionary technology it is. Being a tech enthusiast, we were more than keen to invest in such a promising technology. And with this started our quest for a reliable exchange in India which could help us begin our journey of crypto trading.

But with the exchanges getting down every now and then, deposit/withdrawal & KYC requests taking forever to get approved and a very limited set of options of cryptocurrency to trade with, we realized what a daunting task it was to make a simple investment in cryptos in India. What was more painful was the fact that the entire crypto trading thing was quite sorted in the West and people there were already enjoying the quick returns they were getting out of their investments.

From here began the journey of BuyBitcoin with a vision of building the most customer-centric and technically advanced crypto exchange in India, which has already crossed the milestone of tens of thousands of satisfied users in such a short span. Keeping the vision in mind, our team strives to provide our users with the best tech and features to make the most out of their money by crypto trading.

Driven by the motto - Don’t trust words, trust actions, we are proud to say that we provide our investors with the fastest deposits, withdrawals and KYC approvals in the market and a dedicated 24*7 customer support team available at their service. Also, we are the first Indian exchange to list more than 25 top performing altcoins on our platform including Verge which has given 11,00,000% percent gains to the users, and many other capable coins. All this would not have been possible without the faith and support of thousands of our users which drives our team to deliver the best crypto trading experience in India. We look forward to be a part of the rewarding journey of crypto investments of many more such users. Happy trading!