Bitcoin, the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, has been around since 2009. But even after about 8 years, there are plenty who are still naïve about the whole concept of the cryptocurrency; a number of people around the world are still confused about the development and how the whole concept does actually works. If you are one of them, do not worry. There is nothing better than a good documentary to answer all your doubts, solve all your questions and add more to your fascination to this crypto-revolution.
We present you a list of documentaries on Bitcoin which cannot only educate you about cryptocurrencies but also help you to identify and relate yourself in a better way. So let’s dive in:

1. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin
The title gives away what the documentary is all about. This documentary walks you through the course of journey of Bitcoin. It showcases the various stages of evolution and traces the timeline of Bitcoin. In simple words, this documentary is a journey through various altercations, high profile controversies addressed since the birth of Bitcoin and the stages which followed. This documentary is widely known for evoking a kind of passion among the non-bitcoin user towards using them. What’s unique about the documentary is that it doesn’t require you to be a trading or Bitcoin expert. You can watch and easily decode (interpret) what this whole phenomenon is. The script of the documentary is technical word-free (jargon-free). So, if you think you are a novice, ‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’ is the one for you.

2. I Am Satoshi
This is one of most discussed documentary around Bitcoin. And that is for a number of reasons. Over the years, it has been praised widely and been called as “eye-opening”, “fantastically amazing” and “Raw”. The documentary won the “Most Creative Video” award at the unique Blockchain awards. We recommend it for everyone who is in search for more insight into the dynamic world of Bitcoin. Framed with investigative approach, the documentary distinguishes the traditional banking system and the Bitcoin, which is projected as an innovative open source procedure for global finance. It provides a number of reasons why should you trust and use Bitcoin over the Banking system. In short, the documentary will distort and innovate your perspective on the world of cryptocurrencies by giving you unmatched access to the new world order for finance.

3. Bitcoin in Uganda
If you think cryptocurrencies are for developed nations and do not have a role to play in developing economies then, this is a must watch for you. Set in Uganda, one of the poorest nations of the world, the documentary showcases how cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, has made money transfer simpler and cost effective. Bitcoin has revolutionized the nation where more than 30% of population lives on less than $1.25 a day. The documentary is widely associated with “empowering people”. In just 5 minutes the documentary shows how Bitcoin has left a long lasting positive impression on the lives of these people.

4. Bitcoin in Argentina
Another in the series of “Bitcoin in…”, ‘Bitcoin in Argentina’ yet another spectacular example of the role cryptocurrency can play in rescuing an unstable economy like that of the South American nation. The documentary portrays how Bitcoin can assist in controlling inflation. It also focuses on the opportunities brought in by Bitcoin which allowed common man of Argentina to trade and interact financially worldwide. Bitcoin has proved to a major element in improving the conditions of people and ultimately their economy. A gift of technology, Bitcoin, by some, is seen as a life-saver as it directly affects the smallest employee of the economy.

5. The End of Money As We Know It
The documentary traces the history of money- form the earliest ancient origins to today’s glittering Wall Street era. All the while taking us through this journey of money, it also raises some shocking questions regarding both monetary system of the world and compel us to ask how we did that without asking. Widely regarded as “game-changer” in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is also suited to the liking of newbies because it is jargon-free. It explains complex matter with simplified language.

Happy Watching!!